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Team Coaching Skills for Managers

In today’s virtual world with diverse teams located across the globe, teams can fail to deliver as they struggle with engagement, accountability, misunderstandings and conflict. Most of their time is spent on defining WHAT the work is, while little or no support is given to developing the team and HOW they are going to work together most effectively. 
This practical two day programme* will give the aspiring Leader or Team Coach the skills and techniques to accelerate the delivery of great results and develop the team’s engagement and agility.

Team Coaching - Refocus & Reconnect

In these uncertain and challenging times, are you and your team rushing to complete tasks and meet deadlines but are unclear on where you are heading? Is the destination the same as it was at the start of the project? Are you pulling together or pulling apart?

Our half-day workshop will give you the space and tools to refocus and reconnect with the team purpose, renew and  recalibrate team goals and realistic priorities, reestablish new team norms for the 'new normal' and realign the team's shared values and what's really important.

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Partnership Coaching

If you're about to embark on a new professional relationship, it's not just about the finances and legal stuff. Designing the way you want to work together is crucial - we'll work with you to create a shared understanding of what's really important so you have realistic expectations.

Creative Collaboration
Training & Coaching

You want to collaborate creatively as a team. You have a shared purpose and the willingness to do and see things differently, but you don't know how to make it happen. We will work with you to create a shared understanding of what true creative collaboration is, and what essential elements are needed to bring it about.

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